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Customer Reviews



I just started fishing with your baits about 3 weeks ago, and I am so impressed with how durable they are. I went fishing with my granddaughter's last Monday and caught close to 100. I caught at least 50 fish on one bait and it was still like I just got it out of the package. I love bobby garlands but they don't stand the test. I will be a regular customer from now on. Thank you for such a premium product. Sincerely yours,

Chris Wachovec

Chillicothe Ohio.

Chris Wachovec



Had my Granddaughter, Macy out for a little research and an early Fathers Day event.  The bite was tough, but we managed to get the baits in front of a good mess for dinner. Macy fished all day with just one of our Black and Chartreuse baits.

Lee and Macy



Miss Macy holding a nice slab that pounded one of our Black and Chartreuse shad bodies.  

Miss Macy

Boat Load 5.1.21.jpg


Ethan and I had to get out there and do some VCB product research. We spent the morning on Lake Palestine and picked up 50 nice crappies. Every fish was caught on our Veteran Custom Baits in multiple colors and styles.  White and Chartreuse, Black and Chartreuse, Vudu, and Lake Tyler Special all produced well.

Lee and Ethan


4/25/21.  Dwayne writes:

My clients caught 50 plus fish off of these two VCB jig bodies, White\Chartreuse Slayer and Vudu Shad, and they are still in good enough shape to keep using.

Dwane Benson

Bensons Guide Service


These baits worked well all day.  Caught 7 fish over 2 pounds and I fished all day with only 2 baits.

Dr. M. Watson


Along with trying out a new rod today we were also field testing some jig bodies from Veteran Custom Baits.  These bodies worked great and seem very tough.  We caught multiple fish on a single body with minimal wear.

Benson Guide Service


VCB, They came in today and I'm very pleased. I can't wait to try them out. Thanks for the fast shipping and most of all thanks for your service.

Kyle R.

Crappie Slayer Money-Chart

Love the order. Done used a few and they work well. Thanks.

M. Garrett

Crappie Stinger Arkansas Shad

They look great.

T. Gray

Crappie Stinger Crazy Cricket

The baits did arrive on time and were put to use today on Pomona Lake in Kansas. My partner and I caught 38 nice Crappie today with the help of your baits.


D. Parrott


Saturday, 1/23/21 on Lake Palestine the weather was cool with a slight NE breeze.  Fish in 12-30 FOW but we ground out a decent mess of fish.  We used Black/Chartreuse Jigs and a few other colors from Veterans Custom Baits.

Bensons Guide Service

Shad Kit #1.jpg

Mar 5, 2021

" I went out to my local lake yesterday and tried your black/chartreuse Crappie Slayer Gub. The first drop at my second spot and "Bam" she ate it. I caught half a dozen in the short time I was out. Very pleased with your jig bodies, will spread the word, and will be buying more.

D. Reynolds,

Quitman, TX.

D. Reynolds


Mar 1, 2021

Caught a couple of slabs this weekend on lake Palestine.  Fish are staging for the spawn and are in 10-15 fow.  We used  Veteran Custom Baits Crappie Slayer in Black/Chartreuse and the Vudu colors.

D. Benson

Benson Guide Service

Papa 1.jpg

March 6, 2021.

Made a short trip to The boulders at Lake Tyler.  Fishing from the barge early AM we caught several keepers but mostly small males.  The best bite was in 15 fow or less on Veteran Custom Baits Crappie Slayer in White/chartreuse, Silver/chartreuse, and Gold/Chartreuse. It doesn't matter the size of the fish, they'll eat Veteran Custom Baits.  Won't be long now and the shallow bite will be red hot.

Lee Mueller

Crappie Slayer-Blue-Chart

Very pleased!

I can't say enough good things about these guys and their baits! The quality is incredible. Everybody should have veteran custom baits in their tackle box. I accidentally ordered the wrong kit and I called Lee and he led me through everything step by step so I could get the right thing. I'm actually glad I ordered the wrong thing because what I got is awesome also. The customer service was great. Made in America by Americans what more could you ask for!

Evan B.


David Reynolds  Writes,


The quality of jig bodies is by far superior to many. I actually was talking to a guy about how well they hold up and he said sounds like they're concerned with good quality for fishermen to come back and buy more. He said most are made where you can only get so much wear n tear out of them and then they are done. These baits you can change em out and use again and won't slide down the jig. Other since fish grabs tail it's a constant repositioning of jig bodies but not with Veterans Custom Baits. I'm sold on them and they catch fish!!!

Dave Reynolds

Arkansas Shad.jpg


Went out to do some field testing this morning.  Fish were in 8-10 FOW. Caught 15 - 20 crappie in about 2 1/2 hours. Most were small but managed to get 8 keepers.  Now this number of fish this time of year is not by any means unusual.  The takeaway of this trip was the fact that all but two of those fish were caught on the same jig body. It would have kept working too, but I snagged it and lost it.  Quality and Durability. That's our motto. Oh, by the way, it was our Crappie Stinger in Arkansas Shad.

Lee Mueller

Donny F..jpg

I wanted to call you and let you know your baits have been killing them here on Lake Fork.  This 3 pounder couldn't resist your White/Chartreuse Crappie Slayer.


Donny F. 


4/23/21. Paul writes : Cought this 4.5# catfish on one of your baits the other day. Your baits have been doing great.

Paul Czarkowski